Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Each Day

 Each Day
D Anthony

With each day I find myself changing
This life has become less simple now
The world around moves at a frantic pace


For me each day seems to slow down
I believed the answers were in my grasp
In those younger, innocent years gone by

I knew exactly what I wanted out of life
Conviction and dreams were in great supply
But something derailed me along the way


Something unexpected, far from sublime
My life is changing right before my eyes
I have begun to realize the passing of time

What was important has now lost significance
Like lofty ambitions that guided each day
My Christmas list grows shorter every year


My inner circle of friends seem further away
I care, but how much I'm not always certain
Indecision used to be terrain I did not know


Now that's where I frequently find myself
Often now, faith determines my life's flow
As bleak as the picture seems sometimes


I must see the good things along the way
I remember happy is mostly perspective
The sun sets, I smile, soon comes a new day


(Attitude is everything - Remember.. This too shall pass.)

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