Monday, April 9, 2012

Nobody's Fault

It's Nobody's Fault

It's human nature to blame others when you're feeling down. But that's the time to take positive action.
Whenever you're feeling blue, look within, to find out how you can change yourself and your response to the situation. Whenever you point a finger at anyone else, four fingers point back at you!
It's time to take responsibility for yourself and your feelings.

As parents, we sometimes want to "make life easier" for our children, and often we're willing scapegoats as they lash out at us with their feelings of hurt and disappointment in a situation. However
these are important learning experiences which can shape the way they deal with life.

I wrote this poem/song to get my daughter out of a bad mood, and to pass on to her the values that my mother inculcated in me as a child... Look on the bright side, learn from life,
you can choose your attitude. Finding fault doesn't find solutions!

Maybe you feel downhearted
Maybe you're feeling blue
Maybe you're feeling just plain bored
And you don't know what to do -
It's easy to fret and whine
And it's easy to complain
But you don't have to look far
For the reason lies within your mind
Yes it's nobody's fault
Not your boss nor your dad and mum
Nobody's fault
Not your brother or your best chum
You've got no-one to blame
That you find yourself alone
Yes, it's nobody's fault,
Nobody's but your own.
You can choose the way you feel
Whether it's good or bad
Feel upbeat and raring to go
Or tired and sick and sad...
But don't look outside for the cause
For it lies within yourself
You can give up and say, "Oh what's the use?"
Or "I'll make the best of it!"
Because it's nobody's fault
Nobody's but your own
Nobody's fault
That you find yourself alone
You've got no-one to blame
If you find the world a sorry place
Only you can decide
What goes on in your mind.
Before you moan for what you haven't got
Take a look at what you have
You can see the beauty all around
Hear the music of bird sound
You've got legs to walk tall on God's earth
And hands to do what you will...
Pick up a pen and write,
play a guitar
Or get into a fight.
Yes it's nobody's fault
That you're down or feeling blue
Nobody's fault
That you have nothing to do
You've got no-one to blame
That you find yourself alone..
Yes it's nobody's fault
Nobody's but your own.

So before you exercise
Your muscles in a frown
Turn your mouth upwards at the corners
You'll smile before too long
Don't look for company
When you wallow in your misery
You make others feel good when you feel good
So don't you think you should??
For it's nobody's fault
If you can't fid the good in the bad
Nobody's fault
If you choose to feel sad, not glad
It's time to change your attitude
To life's vicissitudes
So look for the good, and before too long
The good things will happen to you.

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