Friday, May 18, 2012

Seize the day

Seize the Day!

Maybe just saddened. Not so with the others. It is scary to believe that they were alive one day; and then bad health, bad choices, wrong place, wrong time, just enters and ends it all way too early.

The loss of someone young never ceases to sadden and surprise us; and yet statistics tell us that the average age of widowhood is 55. This means that even though men die at 85, they also die at 25.

Statistics like these and the death of someone young remind us that life may be much shorter for some of us than for others. This leaves us with two philosophical choices. We can either believe that we can extend our lives by making the right choices to care for our health, develop good lifestyle habits, make appropriate life choices as to where we go and what we do and who we associate with. Or we can believe that when our time comes it comes and we can’t do anything to change this. How many times have we heard of the person who has lived to be one hundred who drank, smoked, and never took care of their health; and yet a person who worked out everyday and died at 40?

In any case it is all clear that today is the only day we can truly be sure of. Today is here and tomorrow may not be. So for today, we need to “Seize the day….Carpe Diem”.

Enjoy the moment. Do all you can do to make today as special as it can be for you, for those you love. And spend some time today thinking of how you can make the days to follow, no matter how few or how many there are, all that they can be.

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