Monday, May 14, 2012

Stayed Focus

So long, so short.   So slow, so fast.
Boring. Exciting.Fascinating. Sad. Happy. 
Pathetic. Amazing. Emotional. Mental.Physical
Spiritual (for those of you who are). High. Low. Like a rollercoaster. 

Rough. Smooth. Like a road. People. Friends. Enemies. Acquiantances. Coworkers. Classmates. Teammates. Relatives. Family. Young.Old.Goals. Beautiful.Amazing.Interesting.

Make sure you never stray. Never Falter. 
Don’t trip.
Don’t slip.
 Don’t fall
If you do get back up.
 Keep going. Sacrifice sucks.
 We never want to do it but there are times when we have to. 
Times when we have no other choice but  to make one. 
Or many, How many have I made. I’ve lost count. 
Mistakes. Costly.
 Sometimes largely, sometimes little. 
Learn from them. 
Don’t make the same ones again. 
Love. So good. So bad. 
Beautiful. Ugly. 
Don’t let love blind you, or cause you to stray.
 Love can so easily cause you to lose sight of your goals. 
Yours hopes and dreams. 
If you find it, cherish it. 
But never let it blind you.
Friend. Helpful. Great. Sometimes backstabbers. Hopefully not.
 Don’t let your friends blind you from your goals. 
Family. Lovely. Beautiful. Don’t let them get you down. Enemies. Only hate you because they are secretly jealous of something about you. Ignore them. 
All they want to do is bring you. down.

Never lose sight of your goals,
 and never stray from the path which will lead you to them. 
Because to do so is to throw away your life and the very thing that makes you…

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